We Connect Mission-Driven Brands with Like-minded Affiliates to Increase Direct Sales

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight and bolster organizations who are actively doing business better – through social justice, environmental policy, sustainable products, or social impact.

Quite simply, we want to incentivize affiliate sellers to promote better products and funnel sales away from Amazon back to the independent sellers and their own websites.

Do you have a business that is trying to unf***k the world?

AFG was designed to connect mission-driven organizations with affiliates. 

Let us help you grow your business rapidly with Affiliates for Good by increasing your DIRECT sales and scale every type of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, and more. 

Did you know?…  

Affiliates marketing is a musthave for growth 

Are you an Affiliate?

AFG was designed to enable you to monetize your content without any BS. You can establish a relationship directly with the top brands you believe in and start earning commissions.

We help you increase your commission earnings as Amazon continues to shrink your earnings.


Connect with businesses that you believe in. We can help you expand your content offerings.  

DEEP Linking

Promote your favorite products using our platform deep linking tool. We can help you track your impressions and conversions. 

Higher comissions

Get paid higher commissions than Amazon. It’s no secret that Amazon is squeezing affiliates for every last dime. Earn higher commissions by directing your promotions directly to merchant websites.